Throughout our history, Belzona has been at the forefront of addressing environmental issues through the conservation of plants and equipment, waste minimization, pollution control, and energy efficient measures in order to regularly assist our customers with meeting their environmental goals. With our necessary involvement in chemicals, Belzona is acutely aware of our need to meet and exceed our environmental responsibilities. The attainment of our ISO 14001 accreditation provides verification of our current achievements and dedication for future environmental initiatives.


Belzona proudly commits significant time, effort, and capital investment in order to vastly reduce waste that could be hazardous to our natural resources including air, water, and land. In particular, VOC emissions are reduced through reformulating existing products and adopting more efficient manufacturing processes. Energy consumption is also one of the areas Belzona aims to significantly impact. Our efforts include manufacturing products with less power requirements, not only to reduce energy bills but to lessen the demand and mitigate waste. These measures are targeted to produce a 20% reduction of CO2 per ton manufactured product by 2011, and Belzona is well on our way to achieving this goal.